Life as a 2020 Graduate: Coronavirus vs. Gen-Z

There was no stage, no classmates, no commencement speech. Yet, there I was a 2020 graduate. My cap and gown on, I strolled out into the barren economic wasteland left in the aftermath of the coronavirus. Thousands of other 2020 graduates did the same, not knowing what laid in store for them.

I searched high and low for jobs. I applied and interviewed and emailed. All to get the same replies: “Thank you for your interest, at this time we are no longer hiring in that position.” I felt defeated, rejected, and at times angry. I was angry that MY life had been “ruined” by this virus. Being a 2020 graduate sucked I thought. But, then I slowed down and thought about it from another perspective. I realized, I am here, I made it through one of the greatest challenges thus far in my life.

First, I should be happy, I won! There would be no more early morning classes, late night study sessions, or stressful minutes spent clicking refresh waiting for grades. Finally, I had graduated but, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. Next, I had to change my perspective. I needed to clear my mind and think about quarantine from a new angle. I began to pray and read the bible, asking God to show me where to look. As a result, I began seeing this plague as an opportunity to create. I wanted to share with the world what I had to offer, even if it wasn’t through a job.

As a 2020 graduate, this is our situation. We can accept defeat and retreat into idleness while we wait for the world to fall into our laps. Or, we can stand up on our own two feet and create something for ourselves out of this opportunity put before us.

Here’s a list of 5 things I’ve been doing to help fuel my creativity at home:

  1. Reading books!
    I have read a lot during Stay-at-Home and it helps pass the time. One of my favorites so far is 1776 by David McCullough. It’s a great read if you are a history nerd like me!
    Wikipedia link:
  2. Learning new skills/hobbies!
    I built a raised-bed garden and I have been learning how to build this website. It. took all afternoon but it was worth it!
    Here it is in all it’s glory:
  3. Journaling!
    Every morning I wake up and write down what is fresh on my mind, then before bed I write down a couple of sentences about what I did that day. That way my kids will believe me when I said I sat at home for months at a time way back in 2020.
  4. Working out!
    There has never been a better time to get into shape. With all of this free-time I’ve been spending about an hour twice a week working towards my fitness goals. It is a great way to relieve stress and spend pent up energy.
  5. Instacarting!
    I started shopping for Instacart in April. It is a great way to pass time and earn some money on the side too. It is very rewarding and fulfilling to help your at-risk neighbors get much needed groceries without exposing themselves at the store.
    Use my link to sign up to start shopping here:

Try some of these tips and get creative! Don’t let this virus hold you back.

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2 Replies to “Life as a 2020 Graduate: Coronavirus vs. Gen-Z”

  1. Alex,
    I love your ideas and creativity! I admire your perspective and intuitive!
    I look forward to following your adventures!
    Love you bunches!
    Ms Sissie

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