About Me

Hey y’all, I am Alex Simpson. I was born and raised in Union County just outside of Matthews. I grew up with my mom and dad in the same house until I moved to Raleigh to start my degree at North Carolina State University (GO PACK!).

I just graduated with a degree in Political Science but, I began my journey into North Carolina politics when I turned 18. I voted in my first election and volunteered with local officials to help get out the vote in 2016. Then in 2018, I worked in the House of Representatives for congressman representing the coastal region of North Carolina. It was an experience that solidified my love for politics.

Two issues hit especially close to home for me. In January, my grandfather died from complications from Parkinson’s disease. The health service provided for him at the assisted living center where he spent the last year of his life was unparalleled. Top-notch doctors and staff worked around the clock to make sure my Grandad was comfortable at all times. I noticed how hard everyone worked, one man worked two jobs. He worked double shifts through the weekend to support his two girls at home. It struck me how dedicated he was to all of his residents. Our healthcare system greatly undervalues its labor. CEO’s and Pharmaceutical executives take home seven figure salaries and this man is spending entire weekends at an hourly wage to provide for his kids.

As a “twenty-something” I understand the consequence of climate change because its affect will directly impact my generation. We can expect by the time we are 50 to see 4 feet of sea level rise, an increase of the average temperature by one degree celsius and stronger, deadlier natural disasters. The only way we can solve the climate problem is with bold and decisive action. Clean energy solutions like solar and wind, electric vehicles, greener infrastructure plans, these are the things we have to do to keep the Earth safe for our kids and grandkids.

Inadequate access to healthcare impacts hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians every year and the future of a safe, healthy North Carolina is at stake. Yet, little has been done by our state to curtail the effects of climate change on our coast or to provide adequate health care in the rural communities of our state. I want to provide a space where people can come to find relevant and personable stories about the policies affecting North Carolina.

Lastly, North Carolina is one of the most important states in this years election. We are the battleground for the soul of the nation in 2020. Which is why this last issue is especially important. In the March primaries, 9.1% of ballots voted absentee by mail in North Carolina were rejected. In the general election it is forecast that nearly 2 million absentee by mail ballots will be cast. That could mean nearly 200,000 votes are not counted. That is unacceptable for the worlds beacon of democracy. We deserve better. Check out the Voter Protection articles on my blog to learn more or get involved.